Foodie Composter

Foodie Composter provides organic waste management solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial use, from restaurants, housing societies up to large-scale institutions and municipal corporations. Utilizing unique microbial technology and cutting edge engineering applications our composting machines reduce waste volume up to 90% and nutrient-rich compost is created in the process which goes back to farms.


This commercial waste food composter provides an excellent return on investment reducing waste food by 90% and outputting compost fit for gardens diverting the waste from landfil. This method of waste reduction helps the enviroment by reducing the space required in landfil and transport emisions by retaining the waste as a useful product to be used onsite.

Compost Analysis Proficiency

Foodie Composter’s compost is generated by decomposition of organic waste using microorganisms that offer several benefits such as enhanced soil fertility and soil health which can lead to increased agricultural productivity, improved soil biodiversity, reduced ecological risk and healthier environment.

How Foodie Works

FOODIE follows a unique microbial decomposition process that allows the compost to be reduced up to 90% in volume in just 24 hours, creating an efficient and quick process of converting organic waste into rich, high-quality compost.

Product Range

Model Processing Capacity Power Supply Aprrox Dimensions Power Rating
F-25 25Kg/day Single or 3 Phase 5.5x3x3 1.5 KW
F-75 75Kg/day Single or 3 Phase 7x4x4 3.5 KW
F-125 125Kg/day 3 Phase 7.5×4.5×4.5 5.5 KW
F-250 250Kg/day 3 Phase 9×5.5×5.5 10.5 KW
F-500 500Kg/day 3 Phase 12×6.5×7.5 15 KW
F-700 700Kg/day 3 Phase 13.5×7.5×8.5 23 KW
F-1250 1250Kg/day 3 Phase 16x8x9.5 38 KW

We manufacture systems for local municipal bodies and government having waste processing capacity 1ton / day up to 5 tons / day.