Anaerobic Digester

Bio Bowser Valentin System

The VALENTIN biogas plant offers the newest digester size in the PlanET fleet. Its small, modular design is specifically targeted towards farms that have not been able to implement larger digester projects. Like all other PlanET digesters, the VALENTIN benefits from our 20 years of experience designing and building best-in-class digesters. This plant uses the same, trusted components used in the 500+ digesters PlanET has built, however this design allows for quick and easy construction onsite. The organic materials fed into the digester are converted into high quality biogas which can be used to run a combined heat and power unit (CHP) to produce electricity and heat or strictly as a boiler fuel substitute for heat generation.

Valentin Anaerobic Digester

  • Converts organic waste into energy
  • The captured methane gas is used for heating, lighting, cooking and generating electricity
  • Suits hospitals, aged care facilities, small farms, food processors, councils, supermarkets, schools and anywhere waste is produced.
  • Developed in Germany with over 400 installation in Europe.

How to handle industrial food Waste

Datasheet of the Valentin

PlanET Biogas – experts in biogas and biomethane soultions for more 21 years.

PlanET Biogas has been a pioneer in the field of anaerobic digestion for over 21 years. As creator of best in class biogas plants, we understand the optimal interaction of individual components to achieve economic success. Our extensive competence in planning, engineering, permitting, plant construction, commissioning, technical and biological service sets PlanET apart as an integrated biogas technology provider. With over 500 plants installed around the globe, PlanET is the experienced choice for your biogas development.

  • Industrial and agricultural customers.
  • Highest quality in construction and documentation.
  • Numerous utility model-protected technical solutions.
  • Biological support helping to provide best in class biogas production.
  • 500 biogas plants worldwide
  • more than 220 employees
  • 5 international locations
  • Plants from 40 kW to over 4 MW


Anaerobic Digester

VALENTIN Anerobic Digester converts organic waste into energy from councils, food processors and any company having food waste. We manufacture systems for local municipal bodies and government having waste processing capacity 1 tonne / day up to 50 tonne / day.

Commercial Composter

BIOCOM FOGO (Food Organic Garden Organic) Commercial food waste......

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