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An exciting Australian innovation, BioBowser® offers a range of packaged biogas plants and modules designed to be installed quickly and integrate with existing waste handling procedures at minimal cost with minimal disruption. BioBowser® can treat between 50 kgs and 20,000 kgs (feed-in volume at max 8% Total Solids) of organic waste per day. Suitable waste streams include animal manures, effluent, abattoir residues or food waste from processing facilities such as kitchens, canteens, holiday resorts, mining camps and retirement villages.
BioBowser Renewable Technologies offers an innovative solution to the management of organic waste for businesses and households worldwide. Whether you own a small restaurant or cafe and are concerned with the increasing landfill levy and tighter governmental regulations of waste treatment in your area, or you operate a large canteen with a considerable amount of organic waste per day, we can help you maximize the value of your organic waste.

Bio Bowser Anaerobic Digester Silo System



Biogas is combustible gas derived from decomposing biological waste in the absence of oxygen (called anaerobic digestion).
Biogas can be produced from wet or mixed organic waste streams (biomass). The anaerobic digestion conversion processes utilise natural occurring microbes and biochemical pathways to convert waste into biogas. During anaerobic digestion, around half of the carbon content of the biomass is converted to biogas, which can be directly used in a burner/condenser or fed into a gas engine to produce electricity and/or thermal energy (heat). The rest of the biomass becomes organic slurry which can be used directly as a fertiliser or separated into a liquid and solid phase to produce animal bedding/soil conditioner, liquid fertiliser and recycled water.



Everyday, businesses around the world send valuable materials to landfill.
The increasing amount of organic waste in a landfill is a big environmental problem with negative impacts to businesses and households worldwide. The rotting waste releases significant amounts of methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide, straight into the atmosphere. However, when captured, methane can be used to generate energy that can help power your business operations while helping you maximise the value of your own organic waste.


Anaerobic Digester

We have developed a new anaerobic digester called THE BIO BOWSER SILO SYSTEM that converts organic waste into renewable energy in

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